Medium Range Legacy Transmitter
Part #01242


The Medium Range Legacy Transmitter is designed for simple wireless switching. With 2 digital inputs  it makes the Medium Range Legacy System the easy, cost-effective solution when faulty wire replacement or new installation is not possible or practical.



The Medium Range Legacy Transmitter is the sending unit of the Medium Range System. The Legacy Transmitter comes equipped with 15 15-watt power Supply, NEMA 4x enclosure, 42″ high gain antenna, Right Angle Mount with Lightning arrestors, and 25′ coax cable. With a range of up to 2 miles, it is the ideal solution for long-range switching in industrial applications. The Medium Range Legacy Transmitter has a 1-year warranty. When power is not available at the location add a 20-Watt Solar Kit.


  • 2 Input Transmitter
  • 15 Watt Power Supply (110-240 VAC Input, 12 VDC Output)
  • NEMA 4x Plastic Enclosure
  • 42″ Legacy Performance Antenna
  • Right Angle Antenna Mount
  • 25′ Coax Cable w/ BNC connectors

Short Medium Long Range Spec Sheet v2.2

Medium and Long Range Install Guide

10 and 20 Watt Solar Kits


Operation is simple: connect a switch, relay, or any device with a dry contact closure to the transmitter inputs. When a contact is closed, the transmitter will immediately send an “ON” transmission to the receiver, changing the state of the selected receiver output from  0 VDC to 12 VDC @1 amp. The receiver output can be used to activate a relay, solenoid, light or any dry contact. Immediately after a contact is open the transmitter will send an “OFF” transmission to the receiver, changing the state of the selected output from 12 VDC to 0 VDC and turning off the connected device.


  • Tank Level Control via dry contact
  • Tactical Landing Lights
  • Motion Detection
  • Smart Relay/PLC Control
  • Control Panel Control
  • Conveyor Control
  • Manual Switches
  • Weather Warning
  • Race Track Warning Lights
  • Dust Suppression
  • Strobe Light/Alarm Siren Control

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