Receiver Cards

Permanent Receiver Cards

Our permanently-mounted receiver cards, paired with a TRC Commander FM Transmitter, are the preferred method when remotely operating the zones of irrigation systems. Receiver cards are available for the most popular irrigation controllers on the market today. Each receiver card interfaces with a specific make and model of irrigation controller, and is an inexpensive way to convert irrigation controllers in irrigation systems for wireless remote operation.

Permanent receiver cards are perfect for:

Golf Courses

Business Parks

Sports Facilities

Municipal Parks

Highway Landscaping

Any other location where commercial irrigation systems are used


Fewer Limits

Receiver cards will operate as many irrigation zones as the controller is configured for (not just 32 stations).

Silent Running

Remotely disable all stations for 1-7 days without reprogramming the irrigation controller.

Easy Operation

No more complicated connector pigtail wiring. No need to enter the control room.

Safety & Security

No need to walk to irrigation controllers to change zones or access locked rooms.


1 Year Warranty - demonstrates our commitment to high quality

Proprietary PDTFM Transmission

Master Valve or Pump Disable - makes system blowouts easier

20 Minute Automatic Default Shut-off

Self-resetting Fuse on Card

Up to 199 Receivers per Group Code can be Controlled from a Single TRC Commander FM Transmitter

Auto-up and Auto-back

Random Access for Station Operation

9999 Field-programmable Private Group Codes-eliminates false activation

Simultaneous Operation of up to 7 Valves and a Master Valve

Adjustable Time Duration from 2 minutes to 2 hours per a station allows for syringing or fertilizing applications

Available for these controllers:

Logic 2, Logic 3, and Logic Plus Controllers
Remote Port Ready Controllers, ESP MC and SAT Controllers, Rain Bird Modular (6 Pin) Controllers
Sterling®​ Series Controllers

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SmartLine Controllers
Dial and MC Controllers