Wireless Applications for Industrial Remote Controls


  • Anything that can be switched (i.e. on/off and forward/backward) or anything that can send and receive data can do so wirelessly.
  • From wireless tactical airfield lighting to wireless pump controls, Remote Control Technology’s goal is to provide wireless solutions that are easy to install and simple to operate.
  • Remote Control Technology has designed and manufactured custom wireless applications for Exxon/Mobil, Raytheon, Ford, and other Fortune 500 companies.

The following are a few examples of wireless applications using Wireless Switch Systems:

Wireless Pump Controls

Automate your tank level without running wire between the well pump and the tank. Wireless pump controls save you time and money.

Wireless Tank Level Monitoring

Simple wireless monitoring of your tank level from a remote location and receive critical status updates.

Wireless Valve Activation

Open or close electronic wireless valves using a handheld transmitter.

Emergency Notification

Receive critical status updates by email, phone, cell phone, or PDA if equipment fails.

Conveyer Control

Control a conveyor motor remotely using a handheld transmitter or dry contact inputs.

Remote Control Relay

Use a handheld transmitter or dry contact inputs to control a remote relay.

Problem Notification

Save time in large facilities by activating an overhead notification light when a problem occurs, letting the supervisor know exactly where to go.

Warehouse Lighting

Control a warehouse lighting system wirelessly by using a handheld transmitter or by wiring switches to a stationary transmitter.

Data Logging

Wirelessly acquire and log various data from a remote location using our analog data transmitters and receivers.

Dust Suppression

Use wireless Radio Frequency transmitters and receivers to operate your dust suppression system.

Door / Gate Operation

Save time by opening and closing doors or gates with handheld transmitters from inside your truck.

Stacker Control

Start and stop your stacker using a handheld transmitter or wire a switch into a stationary transmitter.

Proximity Detection

Mount a transmitter with adjustable range on heavy equipment, mount a receiver in a “blind spot,” and then set up the receiver to sound an alarm or turn on a light whenever the equipment is operating in the area.

Activation of Training Tools

Control targets and other training tools via a handheld transmitter.

Perimeter Detection

Use our wireless transmitters and receivers in conjunction with a Perimeter Sensor to automatically shut down dangerous equipment if the perimeter is broken.

Chemical Level Monitoring

Monitor water chlorination or other chemicals remotely.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

Retrofit your truck with a wireless data transmitter and receiver to monitor your tire pressure from the cab.

Traffic Signals

Avoid having to lay new wire by using wireless transmitters and receivers to control traffic signs such as “Railroad Crossing Ahead” when a train is present.

Grain Elevators

Our wireless transmitters and receivers can be used to monitor grain elevator conditions or control different functions.

Alarm Activation

Activate an alarm in the event of a gate opening, perimeter breach, power shut down, etc.

Security Gate

Deploy a security barrier or tire puncture strip if a gate is breached.

Temperature Monitoring

Remotely monitor soil, water, or air temperatures from anywhere in North America.


Start and stop your grain auger with a handheld transmitter.

Boat Lifts

A multi-button handheld transmitter can be used to operate your boat lift.

Freight Loading

Handheld transmitters can be used for crane control, and analog data transmitters can be used to send the load information wirelessly to another location.