Irrigation Control

Vast Field Experience

With over 20 years of field experience, we are the irrigation industry leader. The flexibility to use a universal receiver or a permanent receiver card (manufactured for most major irrigation controllers) allows the customer to decide which system is best for their particular application.

We are committed to quality and service. With years of irrigation remote experience, we manufacture and sell the highest quality irrigation remotes in the industry. We strive to maintain the most reliable, durable, and usable products our customers have grown accustomed to using.

Universal Systems

The TRC Universal Systems are the only wireless remote irrigation systems that are compatible with all 24VAC irrigation controllers. The systems are completely portable, making them ideal for the commercial irrigation applications.

Reciever Cards

Our permanently-mounted receiver cards, paired with a TRC Commander FM Transmitter, are the preferred method when remotely operating the zones of irrigation systems. Receiver cards are available for the most popular irrigation controllers on the market today.

TRC Commander FM Transmitter

The TRC Commander Transmitter is the only transmitter designed to operate the TRC Irrigation Remotes permanent receiver cards. TRC Irrigation Remotes permanent receiver cards are designed to provide the irrigation professional with years of trouble-free service.