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Permanant Receiver Card for Hit® Logic 2, Logic 3, and Logic Plus Controllers

Designed specifically for the Hit® Logic 2, Logic 3, and Logic Plus Controllers, this permanent receiver card is the ideal addition to your Hit® Logic 2, Logic 3, or Logic Plus Controller. Easy installation and simple operation make it the commercial contractors ultimate labor saving solution for wireless controller operation. The receiver card allows the operator to control operation at any time without having to approach the controller.

The Our Commander Transmitter is the only transmitter designed to operate our irrigation remotes permanent receiver cards. Our irrigation remotes permanent receiver cards are designed to provide the irrigation professional with years of trouble-free service.


Permanent Receiver Card for Hit® Logic 2, Logic 2 and Logic Plus Controllers.

Part # 01067-001-001 for Hit® Logic 2 and Logic 3 Logic Plus 42 & Logic Plus 128 Controllers (24 VAC)

Part # 01067-002-001 for Logic Plus S 42 & Logic Plus S 125 Controllers (12 VDC)

8” Tuned Antenna

Side Mount Antenna Kit

Commander System Manual

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Installation Guide


Controller Capacity Station Operation - The permanent receiver card will operate as many stations at the Hit Logic, Logic 3, and Logic Plus Controller selected is designed to operate.

Silent Running allows remote activation of ``Rain-Off Mode``. Remotely disable all stations for 1-7 days without reprogramming the controller.

Simple Operation - No complicated valve wire harness (pig-tail) installations. Simple plug and play installation.

One Year Warranty - Demonstrates our commitment to high quality.

Master Valve - Easily disable the master valve for system maintenance.

Multiple Valve Operation - Operates up to 6 valves and a Master Valve.

Two million receiver code combinations. Eliminates false activation.

Automatic Safety Shut Down - Automatically turns off stations after 20 minutes.

Illuminated Power on Indicators - Green Power on LED’s.