Wireless Valve Activation


  • Trenching to lay new wire, repairing old wire, or replacing stolen wire can be extremely expensive.
  • Our industrial remote controls simply replace the control wire that would normally connect your control panel to your valve, eliminating the need to trench or purchase large amounts of expensive wire.
  • Handheld transmitters allow you the freedom to perform wireless valve activation from many locations.

Product Suggestions for Handheld Valve Activation

Long Range: Long Range Wireless Switch System HandheldWireless Multi-Switch Controller

Short Range: Short Range Wireless Switch System Handheld


  • Connect a 12 VDC Relay to the 12 VDC output on the receiver and to your valve activator.
  • Apply 110 VAC to 240 VAC single-phase power to the power supply (included with most systems).
  • Systems are available for Short Range (Under 1/2 Mile) and Long Range (Up to 2 Miles).
  • Multi-channel systems can be used for locations with multiple valves.
  • For locations without a power source use one of our turnkey solar panel kits.
  • Performance Guaranteed.