Sidekick System for Rain Bird

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Sidekick System for Rain Bird® ​Remote Port (6 pin) Ready Controllers


Sidekick Receiver for Rain Bird® Modular Controllers

Sidekick Transmitter

Two 6`` Whip Antenna

Interface cable for Rain Bird® Modular Controllers equipped with the 6 pin remote port.

Sidekick Operation Manual

Info Sheet


No Station Limit - The Sidekick receiver for Rain Bird® Modular Controllers will operate as many stations as the Rain Bird® controller selected is designed to operate.

Simple Operation - No complicated valve wire harness (pig-tail) installations. Simple plug and play installation.

One Year Warranty - Demonstrates our commitment to high quality.

Automatic Safety Shut Down - Automatically turns off stations after 20 minutes.

Illuminated Power on Indicator - Green Power on LED.